Children are funny people. Children haven’t adjusted to the social norms of the world. I envy that. So tantrum and meltdowns are inevitable. Because there is no child when you take away their preferred item or activities that going to be completely understanding about it. Perhaps it the reason I had to make a Meltdown Kit.



Self regulating is difficult. It’s worse as an adult when techniques aren’t taught. Just because someone takes 6 weeks of anger management doesn’t mean it’s helping, it just means they finished the class. The probably still have road rage, the probably still clenched their fist to keep themselves from hitting things, always one step to the edge. Perhaps they still are getting into fights. I don’t know. Never took a class.




Too real eh?

So to be proactive, and realizing my child’s frustration with the injustice of life. Because according to her life is unfair, and we should be eating candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner… Plus snack time. Not to mention I should always be turning left instead of right when I’m driving. She’ll make a wonderful leader…




Let’s be honest, my daughter is an Alpha, who loves schedules and controlling the atmosphere. Straight Alpha!!! So my job as a parent is to challenge everything while being supportive to promote logic and creative thinking and help with the ability to self regulate and deal with issues that may come later. She does pretty well actually, but she’s five. Though the real test comes in 10 years. When she a teenager.

Sooooooo….. We went ahead and made her box filled with items to promote self regulation.

Meltdown Kit for Kids

Meltdown Kit for Kids

In this box

  • Deep Breathing Countdown (3,5,10)
  • Deescalating from Anger and Frustration
  • Redirection Chart
  • Feelings Chart
  • Social Stories
  • Calming bottle or anything else that may help redirect a melt down: play dough, bubbles, kooshball, a book, crayons, coloring books, sketch pad or sensory items.

The kit is called the Calm Down Kit made by Autism Adventures- Melissa Finch, I found from Teachers pay teachers.  It’s a great website, especially if your child is on the spectrum like mine and even if they are not, it still useful. There’s a bunch of tools to use to help reinforce lessons learned in the classroom. Especially if you hate buying workbooks that can’t help me understand Common Core.

 It’s all in pdf so yes there’s printing involved and you need a laminator which I bought cheap(hope it doesn’t catch fire like the hoverboards) at and Velcro which I purchase at a local craft store because they all have 40% coupons when you shop in-store.

Meltdown Kit for Kids... On The GO!!!

There’s also a Calm Down To Go, we also utilize. It’s a LOT of printing, but it helps when we aren’t home and will probably on our Road Trip Kit, which I am in the process of building for our cross country road trip in July.

It’s a lot easier to maintain and doesn’t really need a laminator. We just use a prong folder and sheet protector.

Because we all need to take deep breaths Cause we all need to chill out

Very simple.

Happy Summer Everyone!

P.S. I’m also making an adult version of this kit soon.


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