While it has been a busy year so far, I was lucky enough to receive the Darling Vox Box from Influenster with all the free goodies to try out. 

The box itself was geared towards mom’s with young kids and sent out around Mother’s Day last May.  While this fits life in some odd way… I still feel like this box missed the mark with me. 

It’s not like I didn’t like all of the products offer, I found most interesting but I honestly can’t really say I would use the products on a regular with the exception of two things. 



Influenster gave me a free box of stuff and I’m not mad about it. #darlingvoxbox

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So inside this lilac box that sat on my door step was….

Energy Gummies from Nature Bounty

Dedcadent Chocolate Lover’s Cake by Duncan Hines

Baby Gentle Moisture Baby Lotion and Baby Gentle Moisture Tearless Shampoo & Wash by Live Clean

NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask By Eva NYC


a coupon for a free container of Country Crock Butter


Overall, the Darling Vox Box really felt like it  missed the mark with me because while I’m an extremely busy person who loves what these products do, It’s not really something I would add in my daily life, it’s more like a eh… why not kind of box.

First, I don’t find these particular gummies as something I need on a regular, I have my own regiment that keeps me from needed this kind of boost in my life that doesn’t require soda or coffee so I don’t feel like I was the right person for the product.  However what I will say about Nature’s Bounty is the mass amount of vitamin supplements they have. I just wish they would have sent me the Hair, Skin and Nails supplement or Probiotics or even Activated Charcoal… things I could have used in my current life.

I’m gonna skip over the hair mask because that’s a texture thing and I will say it worked better on my daughters hair than mine and sometimes a dollop will mean different things depending on hair types. 

The baby lotion is nice, I actually really liked this. My skin felt nice and clean, no complaints actually. As for the bath wash, I didn’t really use the bath wash or have a reason to since my house requires things that strip the dirt off the skin because people can’t stay clean in the summer.

I already use Country Crock but thanks for the free butter. This really confused me because it wasn’t like Country Crock was featuring a new product but maybe new artwork. Sooo…. it’s butter and I cook with it. Perhaps it would have made sense if it was Vegan butter or something. 

Lastly, full disclosure… I hate chocolate cake. So I gave the original pack to my Step-dad. However with my trusty handy coupon that came with the sample for $0.50 off a pack of four. I went to Walmart which I knew had Confetti cake and bought that instead. Interestingly enough there are a lot of damn flavors… I almost bought s’mores… almost.  The cake alone is not bad except it’s cake. There really needs to be a frosting pack in every Perfect Size for 1 cake. I feel like I was oddly robbed my own childhood because of the lack of frosting. So if you are a full fledged adult who has figured out adulting and hates sugar and life… then cake will work for you.

It’s an okay box, but I don’t see myself changing any routines because of it.

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