It’s Vacation Time!

Tokyo Japan city skyline silhouette

I realized lately that I need to spruce up a couple things and comeback fresh which means a complete revamp of this website to figure where I want to go with this.

So sorry for the mess, but it’s a messy job.

Reese’s Spread Review… Sort of


So I was going to write this marvelous review about Reese’s Spread. It was going to be amazing and it came in and I was excited. There was even going to be recipes that I looked up on Pinterest and everything.


That did not happen. Why?
Because people shouldn’t send me chocolate+peanut butter that’s why!!!!!


Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer Reaction and Then Some


Well… The Fifty Shades of Grey trailer came out yesterday.

Such a shame… Honestly I feel the same way I felt when I read the book which I only got through the first one anyway because I was tipped off that Fifty Shades of Grey is Twilight fanfiction and it’s really difficult to picture anyone else other than Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart playing Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.


Trust me I want to. I really want to!!!! (more…)

T.L.C. Vox Box

It’s summer and I get distracted easily.


Here’s the good news! I got the T.L.C. voxbox recently from Influenster and I’m going to tell everyone who is reading all about it.
I’m going to be honest and say I got this box a couple of weeks ago so this isn’t going to be a reaction blog but rather a review blog so I will say that all of the opinions are mine and mine alone and these products were received complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.


Broadway imPress Press On Manicure Review



I’m not a fake nail person by no means… I actually rarely trim the nails on my fingers. So when I received this in Influenster UniVox Box… I was disappointing. I’ve always hated fake nails. Personally, my real nails were already healthy enough and could grow to a reasonable length and look elegant. Plus my mom used to do nails overseas and she shared her talents with me so yeah.

However for testing purposes… I went ahead and trimmed my nails down and applied this suckers in.


Influenster Uni Box – First Response


Influenster Uni Box

So this box actually came in the mail Friday… However, it cause my mailbox to become stuck…so I actually after some nagging to my postal service. I finally received it.
In the box there are numerous random items inside that pertain to what I would call perfect for Dorm Room Living. Small spaces, roommates, minimal finances, living off ramen, ect ect… Not enough privacy nor money to do what ever you want to really what to do.

Been there done that. One of those time, I’m glad to be old with half of my life in order… the other half… is in college.

If you are unfamiliar with Influenster… it’s a program where they will ship you free products for your reviews and social networking. It’s pretty easy to join, and pretty easy to keep getting new boxes. This may be my fifth box since joining at the fall of last and the quickest way to keep recieving new boxes is to remain fairly active with your social network. It’s promotion by word of mouth.

In the Influenster Unibox for March 2014, My first responses to these products as of right now in the moment….


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